Teeth Whitening The Safe, Effective Way.

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Make Your teeth Look Whiter And Brighter.

Here at Gentle Family Dentistry of Naperville we have taken a conservative approach to bleaching. One hour bleaching can be dramatic to say the least. However, such techniques can be expensive and sensitizing to the teeth as well as not long lasting. …essentially, not cost effective. We recommend using custom trays made from impressions of your teeth. The gentle whitening gel is placed into these trays and then inserted into your mouth for a specific period of time. These trays are used by you at home at your convenience. Results vary, but usually you'll see results in a week! Depending on your lifestyle, the resulting effects can last up to 5 years! Our home teeth whitening program is a simple, safe, effective way to get a whiter, brighter smile!

Restoring the beauty of Your Teeth With A Natural Look

In the past Dentists were limited to silver and gold metal fillings for restoring decaying or damaged teeth. Modern dental technology has revolutionized tooth restorations to now include "White Restorations". These advances in dental materials are now made from porcelain and composite resin, which is carefully matched to your teeth so the restoration blends in well. These restorations are very strong and bonded securely to your existing teeth. We are also able to retain more of your natural tooth due to this technique. Also we are able to retain more of your natural tooth because the strength in the bonding process, giving you more of your original healthy tooth material.

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Sport Guard & Night Guard

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Periodontal Disease

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One Day New Teeth

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Oral Cancer Screenings

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Tooth Whitening & Restorations

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